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Paris Hilton Sex
2012-Nov-23 02:32 - Paris Hilton Gets Straponed
Hunting for pleasures, Paris Hilton tries more and more different sexual positions, making love to both men and women. Today, we have a nice opportunity of seeing her getting straponed by another girl, and that girl is quite famous too. Paris Hilton straponed by Nicky Hilton and... Adamsky :) Isn't it fun?

paris hilton and nicky hilton sex fun

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2012-May-29 03:22 - More Anal Fucking With Paris
Paris Hilton takes it in her ass again! And yet, she craves for more, stretching her vagina wide as if begging for another cock. Is there anyone who can withstand it?

paris hilton takes cock in the ass and wants a cock in the pussy

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Angelina Jolie anal fucking, it was the man who stretched her pussy...

2012-Feb-9 05:16 - Paris Hilton Sizzling Threesome

A magnificent Paris Hilton sex fake which colors and style resemble antique paintings. And Paris looks great herself, too. She's got such a yummy body there that they are about to eat it up, licking on every naked inch of her.


paris hilton enjoys a sizzling threesome getting fucked and licked on



2011-Dec-19 04:37 - Paris Hilton Gets Fucked In The Ass Doggystyle

Paris Hilton enjoys experimenting with her body, and when it comes to having sex, the range for experiments becomes immense. Any thing in the house can add more spice to fucking, even a plain chair. As soon as it caught Paris's eyes, miss Hilton mounted the chair and held up her firm butt for her guy's cock to do some anal.


paris hilton gets fucked doggystyle standing on top of the chair


Jennifer Lopez Anal Sex


2011-Oct-30 08:01 - Paris Hilton Blowjob

Hey, what is she doing? Paris Hilton unbuttons her guy's trousers and takes out his dick. Holding it gently, Paris smiles straight at the camera. Then she starts wanking the dick, licking her lips hungrily as it gets harder and harder. Does anyone have any doubt what she is driving at? It will be very disappointing if Paris does not finish this session with a deepthroat blowjob.


paris hilton bj


Britney Spears Blowjob


2011-Oct-5 05:58 - Paris Hilton Double Penetration

See two huge cocks penetrating Paris Hilton's sweet holes simultaneously. A hot threesome starring celebrity blonde having sex with two colored studs, taking cocks in her pussy and ass at the same time.


paris hilton double penetration


Angelina Jolie Double Penetration


2011-Sep-21 02:20 - Paris Hilton Rides Cock

He's below, she's above. Above and on by turn. That rough ride makes Paris Hilton's ass slap the guys belly as she jumps up and down on his hardened cock like on a pivot. And her bare tits fly high up in the air with every movement she does. Fantastic sex scene!

paris hilton rides cock


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2011-Aug-7 23:54 - Paris Hilton Oral Sex

Enjoy watching some more Paris Hilton pussy licking. Oh no, Hilton's filthy little mouth will not get busy sucking a man's cock or eating a girl's clit. Instead, Paris will give her own sweet pussy to be licked by a man and a girl in turn.

Paris Hilton having oral sex with a man

Paris Hilton having oral sex with a girl

2011-Jul-2 02:24 - Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex

Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex Fantasy

Some girls are different. They do not only have sex with men, they may as well fuck each other. This Paris Hilton Lesbian Sex fantasy is a nice pattern of pussy licking and ass bottle-fucking they practice when boys have some rest.


2011-Jul-1 02:28 - Paris Hilton Anal Sex

Paris Hilton Anal Sex...And then, they proceeded to the bathroom and went on fucking there. Some soapsuds came in handy to make Paris's tight asshole more slippery, so the guys monstrous cock could penetrate it with ease. And while they kept on fucking, we were able to see Hilton's cunt as well as we could only have dreamt of, with both of her pussy lips fully exposed and a deep, deep hole leading in. Paris Hilton Anal Sex Show was really tremendous! All we wanted was seeing more and more of Paris Hilton fucked in the ass then.


2011-Jun-29 03:08 - Paris Hilton Getting Fucked On The Couch

They have changed the furnishings, they have obviously replaced the guy, they have even presented Paris Hilton with a different body, but they have left her habits untouched. So, she's getting fucked again, this time indoors, on the couch. A naughty girl!

Paris Hilton Getting Fucked On The Couch


Miley Cyrus Fucking


2011-Jun-9 04:09 - Paris Hilton Having Sex In The Swimming Pool

And the 1st one is a special one! See Paris Hilton having sex with a man in the swimming pool. Just think what can be done on top of an air bag! Enjoy watching Paris Hilton fucked in the ass on a hot summer day. Perhaps, in public. At least, in the open. But... does she have anything to hide from her true fans?

paris hilton having sex in the swimming pool

2011-Jun-9 03:52 - Paris Hilton Sex Fakes
Welcome to the Sex World of Paris Hilton Fakes! See your favourity celebrity having sex in different ways and different circumstances, with men and women, one on one, in threesomes, and in groups. Oh dear, modern technolgies make everything possible, expanding the boundaries of imagination to infinity!
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